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Strike Fast Studio produces quality entertainment for various platforms. Our Strike Fast Media division designs various types of media for everyone.


Strike Fast Media, a division of Strike Fast Studio, creates high quality graphics, videos, and more in record fashion. Learn what all we can do for you

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Learn why the original Ringmaster movie was never released via Twisted Carnival Studios in this detailed documentary.

Mississippi Para Chasers

MS Para Chasers

Check out the M.P.R.I. team as they investigate Mississippi’s most haunted locations.

the documentary of ozbo


The Documentary of OzBo is about paranormal investigators hired to prove or disprove the legends of an evil clown.

Strike Fast Updates

  • Twisted Carnival Gets Rebooted as a Series

    Twisted Carnival Gets Rebooted as a Series

    Twisted Carnival gets rebooted by the original inventor, Gene Hamil!
  • Ghost Legends

    Ghost Legends

    Paranormal investigators search for the truth to separate fact from …
  • Event Screamer and More

    Event Screamer and More

    Strike Fast Studio has completed the acquisition of several properties. …
  • Travel Channel

    Travel Channel

    Gene Hamil, film director and paranormal investigator, appeared on Travel …
  • Evelyn


    Evelyn, the unholy spirit, has terrorized many.

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