New Films

Ghost Legends

Ghost Legend Episodes

A Mississippi paranormal team tries to communicate with famous spirits to get answers to important questions.

Mississippi Para Chasers

MS Para Chasers

Check out the M.P.R.I. team as they investigate Mississippi’s most haunted locations.

the documentary of ozbo


The Documentary of OzBo is about paranormal investigators hired to prove or disprove the legends of an evil clown.



Learn why the original Ringmaster movie was never released via Twisted Carnival Studios in this detailed documentary.

Upcoming Events


10-19-19 The Devil’s Knot

Go on a journey on the most haunted trail in Northern Louisiana, The Devil’s Knot with paranormal investigators from Ghost Legends and characters from Twisted Carnival!

10-26-19 twisted carnival

10-26-19 Carnevil of Screams

Photos from this event will be uploaded by 1pm Sunday Oct 27th to the Twisted Carnival and Strike Fast Studio Facebook pages. Click onto one

12-20-19 playgroundhidden

12-20-19 Playground Hidden

David Childers and Gene Hamil return to their paranormal roots in a haunted hidden playground. What will they find?

Past Event Photos

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10-11-19 twisted carnival

10-11-19 The Fear

The Fear grand opening Oct 11th with horror characters from Twisted Carnival!

Studio Updates

twisted carnival

Twisted Carnival Series Creation

The Twisted Carnival series will take you on a journey of the lives of a group of paranormal investigators who accidentally release the paranormal entities of the Twisted Carnival. Will the group survive?

storming the unknown

Storming the Unknown

Director and paranormal investigator Gene Hamil discusses the making of Ghost Legends on Storming the Unkown with Ashley Storm.

pa radio

P.A. Radio

Gene Hamil appears on P.A. Radio discussing paranormal gadgets, equipment and tools used when carrying out a paranormal investigation.

Weird News

Does Alcohol Evaporate Out Of Food When Cooked?_5da85688eea36.jpeg

Does Alcohol Evaporate Out Of Food When Cooked?

Lager-spiked beef chili, beer-broiled bratwursts, coq au vin, chicken marsala, pork brined in rum. Ah, nothing says delicious quite like alcohol-saturated dishes—especially when it comes