Twisted Carnival Press Release

April 29, 2020. For Immediate Release

The premiere of Gene Hamil’s first episode of “Twisted Carnival” makes its way to Amazon Prime and Strike Fast Studio 29 April 2020. Actress Jamie Childers and actor Wayne Childers perform in lead roles with support from David Childers, Clyde Davis, Reagan Bright, Kirkland Childers, and Pey Bright. Guest stars include Amanda Hamil, Chris Hamil, and Sky Springer.

The first episode of “Twisted Carnival” is about an antique wooden box that is acquired by a paranormal investigation team who accidentally releases an evil paranormal entity that belonged to a mysterious traveling freak show known as the Twisted Carnival. This entity tries to bring more freaks from the Twisted Carnival to rage havoc upon our world.

Producers are Gene Hamil, Wayne Childers, and David Childers. The “Twisted Carnival” series is a creation by Gene Hamil who also wrote the script and directed the first episode.

Responses from the soft viewing of the first episode of “Twisted Carnival” have been very positive.

The “Twisted Carnival” trailer and links to where you can watch the film are onĀ Feel free to write about it if you like it.

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