With cell phones and affordable professional cameras most people can take great pictures. However, professional photographers capture the moments to remember. Strike Fast Studio offers photography services for concerts, business promotion, and family portraits in Mississippi. Why pay over a thousand to other photographers when you can pay a fraction of that with the same quality if not better from us?

*Photography services are performed only in Mississippi on Saturdays and Sundays.


You will receive demos or finalized photos on the day we shoot or by the next business day except for on Saturdays and Sundays.

We release all ownership of the photos that we take over to you!

Conveniently download all of the photos that we take or those that we touched up via Drop Box for up to 2 weeks!


Step 1: You contact us for a FREE estimate. We respond back to you with a price that is hard to beat if we are available on the date that you chose.

Step 2:  After paying deposit we email you an online service request form.

Step 3: After we receive the service request, we will begin work on the date that you chose.

Step 4: We collect the final payment the day of the event that we are taking photos at.

Proceed to step 1 below and start enjoying our photography services!



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