Twisted Carnival Episode 01

And so it begins Twisted Carnival

Twisted Carnival


2020 Season 1 – Paranormal Entertainment – Suspense

Paranormal Investigators accidentally release the creatures of the Twisted Carnival.


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How to learn about your website visitors

google analytics

Learn more about website visitors using Google Analytics

google analytics

As well as when you combine information from your web site with social media, you’ll have the ability to create a traffic-driving maker to your online assets.

This isn’t an exaggeration. With Google Analytics, you can discover precisely the sort of web content your target market responds to and also the social media networks they prefer. With that said knowledge, you can drive even more website traffic and also causes your website– while likewise verifying the ROI of social.

You can even utilize Google Analytics to track vital social media metrics with simply a couple of basic steps.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a totally free site analytics control panel. With it, you have accessibility to a wide range of understandings concerning your web site as well as its visitors.

Consider it like the equipment a physician utilizes to determine her clients’ vitals. With Google Analytics, you’ll have the ability to measure the general wellness of your site as well as see locations that require to be fixed.

Below are just a few metrics as well as understandings you can get with the device:

Amount of traffic your website gets overall

The websites your traffic originated from

  • Private web page traffic
  • Amount of leads converted
  • The sites your leads came kind
  • Demographic information of visitors (e.g. where they live).
  • Whether your website traffic comes from mobile or desktop computers.
  • That’s all great– but why is anyone of this crucial?

Simple: The more you understand about your target market and what they like, a lot more you’ll be able to provide the content that they desire.

It’s the distinction between having a vending machine and also a personal chef. With a vending machine, what you obtain is what you get. The customer has no input on what goes in it and also how the food tastes.

On the other hand, an exclusive chef will certainly listen to you and also provide you what you desire. They can cater to what they prepare for your details needs and also wishes.

That’s the distinction between using Google Analytics and not utilizing it. With Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see what web content you generate thrills your audience– allowing you to duplicate that success.

Not using Google Analytics resembles going on a road trip without a map– and even a destination.

When you couple Google Analytics with social media sites, you can get even extra insights right into what content will succeed– which brings us to …

The effective mix of Google Analytics and also social networks

Google Analytics offers you described social media records that are a benefit for any digital online marketer.

These records will certainly permit you to:

  • Discover which social media systems give you one of the most traffic.
  • Calculate the ROI of your social media campaigns.
  • See what material works best with what social media system.
  • Make sure that you’re drawing website traffic from the best demographics with social media sites.
  • See the number of sales conversions your business obtains from social media sites.
  • With this data, you’ll be able to get one of the most out of your social media sites campaigns as well as effectively plan for the future.

Let’s have a look at the specific actions you require to absorb order to track social media success with Google Analytics. Also, we’ll take a deep dive into the eight reports you’ll get concerning your social network posts.

How to use Google Analytics the easy way

What Strike Fast Studio can do for you

When we design a website for our clients we make sure that they completely understand Google Analytics so that they can make educated decisions when it comes to their marketing campaigns. Visit our services area to see what all we can do for you.

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WordPress SEO how to

wordpress seo

WordPress SEO how to

wordpress seo

Improving your WordPress SEO is very important for getting more traffic. Sadly most WordPress SEO guides are too technical for brand spanking new users to urge started. If you’re serious about increasing your website traffic, then you would like to concentrate on the WordPress SEO best practices. during this guide, we’ll share the highest WordPress SEO tips to assist you to improve your WordPress SEO and obtain more organic traffic.

Experts have been saying that WordPress is SEO friendly. This is often actually why tons of individuals choose WordPress to start out a blog or website.

While WordPress makes sure that the code it generates follows the SEO best practices, there are tons more you would like to try if you would like to maximize your SEO efforts.

We have a variety of actionable steps that you simply got to fancy properly optimize your WordPress SEO.

Why SEO is important

Search engines are often the most important source of traffic for many websites.

Google and other search engines use advanced algorithms to know and rank pages appropriately in search results. But those algorithms aren’t perfect – they still need your help to know what your content is about.

If your content isn’t optimized, then search engines won’t skills to rank it. When people look for the topics you write on , your website won’t appear within the search results, and you’ll miss out on all that traffic.

It is really important for all business owners to form their website program friendly in order that they will maximize their search traffic.

Basics of WordPress SEO

SEO can get technical, but it doesn’t need to be once you learn how to do it. Just learning a couple of basic SEO tips to optimize your site can offer you a clear boost in your website traffic.

You don’t need to be a tech genius to use the techniques below. If you’re already using WordPress, then you will learn in no time.

Let’s start optimizing your website.

Check Your Site’s Visibility Settings

WordPress comes with a built-in choice to hide your website from search engines. the aim of this feature is to offer you time to figure on your website before it’s able to go public.

However, sometimes this feature can get checked accidentally and it makes your website unavailable to look engines.

If your website isn’t appearing in search results, then the primary thing you would like to try to to is to form sure that this feature is unchecked.

Log in to the admin section of your WordPress site and visit Settings » Reading page.

You need to scroll right down to the ‘Search Engine Visibility’ section and confirm that the box next to ‘Discourage search engines from indexing this site’ is unchecked.

Do not forget to click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to save your changes.

Using SEO Friendly URL Structures in WordPress

SEO friendly URLs contain words that explain the content of the page, and they’re easy to read by both humans and search engines.

Some samples of SEO friendly URLs are:

Notice that these URLs are readable and a user can guess what they’re going to see on the page just by watching the URL text.

So what does a non-SEO friendly URL look like anyway?

Notice that these URLs use numbers unrelated to the content, and a user cannot guess what they’re going to find on the page by watching the URL.

Using SEO friendly permalink structure improves your chances of recuperating positions in search results.

Here is how you’ll check and update your WordPress site’s permalink structure.

You need to go to the Settings » Permalinks page to make the change. Select the post name option then click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to store your settings.

Add Your Site to Google Search Console

Google Search Console, also referred to as Webmaster Tools, may be a set of tools offered by Google to offer website owners a glance at how their content is seen by the program .

It provides reports and data to assist you understand how your pages appear in search results. you furthermore may get to ascertain the particular search terms people are using to seek out your website, how each page appears within the search results, and the way often your pages are clicked.

All this information helps you understand what’s performing on your site and what’s not. you’ll then plan your content strategy accordingly.

Google Search Console also alerts you when there’s something wrong together with your website, like when search crawlers are unable to access it, find duplicate content, or restricted resources.

We have a step by step guide the way to add your WordPress site to Google Search Console.

Fastest Way

SEO can take a long time to do right.  The fastest way to get your site in shape is to contact Strike Fast Studio to optimize your WordPress site.

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SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

You may consider an enquiry Engine like Google of an internet site where you search magically for answers to your problem or to seek out an area service pro.

That’s 100% true, but there are tons more put into this magical search, and that’s exactly what we’re getting to mention here.

Google, for instance (or the other search engine), crawls the sites across the web . Once content across the web is crawled by the Google program , it leads to an index. This index is that the n put into an “Algorithm” Since Google is the largest and most used program on the web , the algorithm is far more competitive thanks to the number of creators or websites being indexed.

MOZ features a phenomenal image which will assist you understand the program aspect of program Optimization, a gaggle of experts grouped the factors this manner .

If you would like to remain on top of the trends, you would like to know the concept of algorithms and the way Google changed them over the years.

By definition, an algorithm may be a set of rules designed to unravel a drag during a finite number of steps. The definition applies to each algorithm, including Google’s, which basically means the platform uses a highly specific formula to spot the foremost appropriate search results for every query.

Given that Google typically changes its algorithm 500 to 600 times a year, it’s essential to trace progress and react promptly. It’s impossible to elucidate the whole history of Google algorithms in one post, but we will mean the foremost important updates:

Google Panda: Google released the Panda update in 2011 to scale back the influence of low-quality websites and boost the ranking of pages serving top-notch content. the purpose was to undermine sites with many duplicate contents, low value, ads, and so on.

Google Penguin: Google released the Penguin update in 2012 to specialize in sites with an enormous number of irrelevant inbound links. From now on, it had been far more difficult to spice up the ranking by buying backlinks or generating them artificially.

Google Hummingbird: Google released the Hummingbird update in 2013 and it clothed to be the foremost influential change of all. Namely, the new algorithm has been designed to accurately interpret user intent and therefore the true meaning behind search phrases, thus enabling Google to seek out better results and improving ranking results.

Google Pigeon: Google released the Pigeon update in 2014 with a highly specific goal in mind which was to enhance location-based search results. The algorithm takes under consideration maps and native directories to offer more precise location-specific information.

Google Fred: Google released the Fred update in 2017 but refused to form any comments about it.

With Google applying so many updates to their algorithm it is almost a full time job just to keep up with it. However, there are several resources that you can search for such as this one that will help you with the latest SEO trends.

Strike Fast Studio keeps up to date on all of the latest SEO trends. We apply the best techniques that we have to offer to make sure that all of the websites we design get good rankings. Check out our services area to learn more.

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Advertising Service


Strike Fast Studio provides unique website, social media, and unique film opportunities to help your business grow.

When we create flyers that are none event related we will create an ad and place it on all of our blog pages on our website. Our blog gets tons of readers every day. We also advertise the flyer on social media. Learn more in our Flyer Design area.

When it comes to events we create the flyer, an event landing page on our website, and promote it on social media. This method gives you a great start to push your event to the next level. Learn more in our Flyer Design area.

Video commercials can be a huge success if done professionally and promoted. We promote your commercial on our social media pages. Learn more in our Video Service area.

Product placement, also known as embedded marketing,is a marketing technique where references to specific brands or products are incorporated into another work, such as a film or television program, with specific promotional intent. Strike Fast Studios shoots its own films and can offer your product or brand prominent placement. Our films are streamed on our website, YouTube, and other areas of the internet. We promote our films via our website and social media which gives viewers a chance to see your ad in our film. This is a great way to help your business or brand grow. Check out the benefits, how it works, and more below.

*Our product placement service is only available if we have projects that are currently being filmed and upcoming projects.


Your brand or business will be prominent placed within the video project that you choose by being discussed by an actor and/or visibly shown.

Your placement will be permanent in the video giving you an endless opportunity for a one time payment.

All of our films are advertised in various outlets which drives people to view them thus making it to where people see your ad.


Step 1: You contact us for a FREE estimate. We respond back to you with a price that is hard to beat.

Step 2:  After paying the placement fee we email you an online service request form so that we can begin work.

Step 3: After we receive the service request, we begin work on how your brand or business will be placed.

Step 4: We notify you when our film is ready so that you can see it before it is shown to the public.

Strike Fast before your competitors do by checking out our demos and proceeding to step 1 below.


Business: Belmont Bed & Breakfast

We advertised Belmont in one of our Under the Grave episodes.  Under the Grave follows a group of real paranormal investigators who perform the investigation live on Facebook.  The live video footage is then edited to create Under the Grave recap and placed on our website. A flyer is created and promoted on social media to all of those who missed the live stream. 

Business: Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum

We advertised Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum in one of our Ghost Legend episodes.  Ghost Legends follows a group of real paranormal who try to communicate with famous souls to get answers to important questions.   This video was placed on our website and  a flyer was created and promoted on social media. 


We currently have two projects that are actively being filmed.

Under the Grave This series is about taking people on a paranormal adventure through many locations to find out what lurks Under the Grave. (Real Paranormal)

Twisted Carnival This series is about paranormal investigators that try to trap the creatures of the Twisted Carnival. (Fictional Paranormal)

Under the Grave EP02



2020 Season 1 – Paranormal Entertainment – Suspense

Go on a paranormal adventure through through the Belmont in Mississippi and find out what lurks Under the Grave.


Click the play button to watch the video.


Did you see something or hear something that we did not catch that you believe may be paranormal? How did you like the episode? Leave a Facebook comment below.

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Under the Grave EP01



2020 Season 1 – Paranormal Entertainment – Suspense

Go on a paranormal adventure through a hidden cemetery at Louisiana’s The Devil’s Knot and find out what lurks Under the Grave.


Click the play button to watch the video.


Did you see something or hear something that we did not catch that you believe may be paranormal? How did you like the episode? Leave a Facebook comment below.

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To view another episode of this series click onto the picture of the episode that you want to view.

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