Witch of Yazoo Episode 1

Mississippi Para Chasers

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Will the paranormal investigators communicate with the Witch of Yazoo?

Will the paranormal investigators put an end to the legends surrounding the Queen of the Gypsies or will they prove them correct?

The paranormal investigators find themselves at the footsteps of the Gates of Hell. What will they find in this part one episode?

After extreme paranormal circumstances, the paranormal team tries to draw a conclusion to put an end or to prove the legends of the Gates of Hell once and for all in this part 2 episode.

Vicksburg is known for it’s urban legends. These paranormal investigators will attempt to find the truth about Vicksburg’s most haunting one of all…The Digger.

The paranormal team finds themselves in an abandoned hospital to investigate the legend of the Candy Nurse. What will they find?

The paranormal team tries their best to wrap up their investigation of the Candy Nurse at an abandoned hospital this part 2 episode.

Stucky’s bridge is one of the most terrifying places to be in Mississippi. Will the paranormal team put old man Stucky to rest or will he put an end to them?

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