Twisted Carnival
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A group of paranormal investigators accidentally releases several paranormal entities from a mysterious tarot like deck of cards. As the investigators try to figure out how to cast them back into the cards, they are put through torment from the paranormal entities from what is known as the Twisted Carnival.

In early 2014 Gene Hamil created several horror characters and a massive story that would become known as Twisted Carnival. He directed his first movie called The Documentary of OzBo based on the story. The story went through several changes in order to find it’s “footing” in the industry. Today Twisted Carnival has become a brand of Strike Fast Studio and retells the horror stories that Gene created to a new generation of horror fans. 

Character Bios

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Alice, a rebellious teenager, ran away and joined a witch coven. While at the coven, she was shown a partial copy of one of the



Akain, a knight of the Arch Knights of Salem, created the tarot card deck known as the Deck of Misfortune in the 1600s with his



Due to Ozden Bonner’s grotesque appearance his father gave him to the owner of the Twisted Carnival Norman Barley. He was kept in a cage

Series and Films



Learn why the original Ringmaster movie was never released via Twisted Carnival Studios in this detailed documentary.

the documentary of ozbo


The Documentary of OzBo is about paranormal investigators hired to prove or disprove the legends of an evil clown.