Twisted Carnival
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About Twisted Carnival


In early 2014 Gene Hamil created several horror characters and a massive story that would become known as Twisted Carnival. He directed his first movie called The Documentary of OzBo based on the story which he introduced his horror character OzBo. Twisted Carnival went through several changes in order to find it’s “footing” in the industry. Today it has become a brand of Strike Fast Studio and retells the horror stories that Gene created to a new generation of horror fans. 

Twisted Carnival’s story involves many supernatural horror characters. Each bio will give you a part of the puzzle that creates the over all Twisted Carnival story. Click onto a character below to learn more.

  • SaDue


    Aleena, at a young age, ran off to join the traveling carnival known as the Twisted Carnival lead by Norman Barley. She had a talent for predicting the future and became the carnival’s fortune teller. As Aleena grew older she fell in love , married a man named Timithy Neiser, and had two twin boys. … Continue reading "SaDue"Read More »
  • Ringmaster


    Norman Barley, a small time circus ringmaster, was approached by a Pandorian creature named Akain. Akain talked him into forming the Twisted Carnival, a traveling freak show, that went around killing some of the customers while turning others into freaks for display. One day while traveling through a small town Norman came across a severely … Continue reading "Ringmaster"Read More »
  • Papa Narue

    Papa Narue

    In the early 1600s Chamba Ibo escaped the depression of Mississippi and went to Louisiana. He joined Marie RaVal as a student to learn her ways of Louisiana style Voodoo and fell in love with her. He became the first Voodoo Doctor under her guidance. They married in Roshton Mississippi, a small town that was … Continue reading "Papa Narue"Read More »
  • LoSho


    Alice, a rebellious teenager, ran away and joined a witch coven. While at the coven, she was shown a partial copy of one of the chapters of the Papa Narue book and was told to never perform the any of its spells. She ignored the warning, stole the copy, and performed the ritual. A portal … Continue reading "LoSho"Read More »
  • Akain


    Akain, a knight of the Arch Knights of Salem, created the tarot card deck known as the Deck of Misfortune in the 1600s with his brother Castanan. It was designed to trap evil creatures and send them to a prison like dimension known as Pandora.Akain, with the help of his brother Castanan, opened a portal … Continue reading "Akain"Read More »
  • OzBo


    Due to Ozden Bonner’s grotesque appearance his father gave him to the owner of the Twisted Carnival Norman Barley. He was kept in a cage and shunned by most of the other carnies except for the original fortune teller of the carnival, Aleena. He became the carnival’s main freak show attraction. After several years most … Continue reading "OzBo"Read More »