The Portland Cement Factory

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The Portland Cement Factory in Salt Lake City, Utah  is one of the most haunted and creepy places in Utah. The place was messed up from the start and even a 100 years ago people who worked there claimed to see and hear odd things. Throughout the years there were numerous people that died in horrific ways while working at this place. People were crushed, lost limbs, and even beheaded. 

There were fights and even a few murders that supposedly took place within the factory but those are just rumors. What is known is that the place is haunted beyond belief and that numerous people throughout the years have heard and seen some pretty strange things. What’s even crazier is the fact that now the place is one of the largest haunted houses in the United States. 

Even workers and the owner of the place have seen some pretty odd things while setting up and working behind the scenes. Some people have claimed to have been spooked by things that weren’t part of the set up! 

Would you go there?

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The Portland Cement Factory