The Ghost Of Room 502 – Waverly Hills

The Ghost Of Room 502 – Waverly Hills_5d4e2198afe66.jpeg
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Waverly Hills Sanatorium 

 If you’re into haunted places like we are by now you’ve heard of the infamous Wavlery Hills Sanatorium and some of the creepy stories behind it. The place is a shell of its former self but many say that most of the people who passed away there haven’t left. Others say some very DARK and EVIL entities like THE CREEPER OF WAVERLY HILLS also haunt this place. 

However there’s one room on the 5th floor that stands out among the rest, ROOM 502!

There are numerous stories of encounters with ghosts and other odd things in this small room. Legend has it that a pregnant unmarried nurse hung herself inside of this room, other stories say that another nurse jumped out of the window for some reason. Could the nurse have jumped or was she PUSHED by some unknown force?

Who knows…. 

Could the stories of this nurse and her misfortune be true? One thing is for sure, there are few photos of her that will make you really think when you see them! 

Check out this video we found by Dead Explorer  and let us know what you think! 

Do you think you have what it takes to stay the night in ROOM 502?

Video Source – Dead Explorer