Twisted Carnival

The Exorcist Legion VR

Last year, developer Wolf & Wood produced one of the best horror games of the year with The Exorcist Legion VR, and I’ve been looking forward to seeing what the team would do next.

Happily, Wolf & Wood stuck with horror for newest title A Chair in a Room: Greenwater, a PSVR game that sees you piecing together your memories after finding yourself in the sinister Greenwater Institute in America’s Deep South.  Now we learn that the game arrives on April 23.

The release date was announced on the PlayStation Blog, where Ryan Bousfield from Wolf & Blood also goes into detail about the game’s concepts and ideas.

Here are a few words from Bousfield,

“The gameplay is set at a deliberately slow pace, although we’re constantly building tension, we allow the player time to explore their surroundings.”

The harrowing story unfolds in a disturbing narration rather than jump scares, which only adds to the unease and suspense as the player journeys through the protagonist’s troubled psyche. “It’s more like we’ve built a horror film around the player,” Bousfield continues, “we try not to hold their hand too much. Instead, we draw people towards the next plot point with subtle cues, but it’s down to the player to investigate and solve the mystery.”

Bousfield also notes how a lot of attention has gone into the sound design, right down to the clinking of cups. It’s a near essential part of a good VR horror to make good use of sound, so that is especially intriguing to hear.

So not long to get into the mystery of Greenwater Institute then for PSVR users. Roll on April 23.