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Weird News


New 02-22-20 Angry Chair

The Ultimate Alice & Chains tribute: Angry Chair with special guest Shatterframe are coming to BB’s Live in Brandon MS!

hidden cemetery

Under the Grave EP01

Go on a paranormal journey to a hidden cemetery at The Devil’s Knot in Louisiana. Find out what they found above ground the comes from Under the Grave in this recap of Under the Grave Live Stream.


12-28-19 BulletProof

BulletProof at Pops Saloon. Visit www.strikefaststudio.com for more details.


12-14-19 MilesFlatt

MilesFlatt Dec 14 at Pops Saloon. Visit www.strikefaststudio.com for more details.

under the grave

Under the Grave

Go on a paranormal adventure through many cemeteries and find out what lurks Under the Grave.


New 01-03-20 Motley Crucial

Motley Crucial, Poison Overdose, and Six Gun Solution at Southport Hall. Visit www.strikefaststudio.com for more details.


12-31-19 New Year Party

New Year’s Party at Pops Saloon Dec 31. Visit www.strikefaststudio.com for more details.


12-27-19 Scary Lane

Scary Lane at Pops Saloon Fri Dec 27. Visit www.strikefaststudio.com for more details.


12-20-19 Framing the Red

Framing the Red at Pops Saloon Fri Dec 20. Visit www.strikefaststudio.com for more details.

web design

Web Design

Strike Fast Studio can create an awesome website and assists with promotion!



Strike Fast Studio can take your photos. You keep the originals to print as many as you want!

video service


Strike Fast Studio can create an awesome video commercial and assist you with promotion.

flyer design

Flyer Design

Strike Fast Studio designs flyers and assists you in promotion.

twisted carnival season 1

Twisted Carnival

Paranormal Investigators try to trap the creatures of the Twisted Carnival.

twisted carnival

Twisted Carnival Series Creation

The Twisted Carnival series will take you on a journey of the lives of a group of paranormal investigators who accidentally release the paranormal entities of the Twisted Carnival. Will the group survive?

ghost legends

Ghost Legends

A Mississippi paranormal team tries to communicate with famous spirits to get answers to important questions.

ghost legends marie laveau

02 Ghost Legends Marie Laveau

Learn about the real Marie Laveau. Is she actually buried in cemetery 1? If she is able to communicate beyond the grave, what would she say?

storming the unknown

Storming the Unknown

Director and paranormal investigator Gene Hamil discusses the making of Ghost Legends on Storming the Unkown with Ashley Storm.

pa radio

P.A. Radio

Gene Hamil appears on P.A. Radio discussing paranormal gadgets, equipment and tools used when carrying out a paranormal investigation.

ms para chasers mr stuckey

Mr Stucky Episode 8

Stucky’s bridge is one of the most terrifying places to be in Mississippi. Will the paranormal team put old man Stucky to rest or will he put an end to them?

ms para chasers candy nurse 2

Candy Nurse P2 Episode 7

The paranormal team tries their best to wrap up their investigation of the Candy Nurse at an abandoned hospital this part 2 episode.

ms para chasers candy nurse 1

Candy Nurse P1 Episode 6

The paranormal team finds themselves in an abandoned hospital to investigate the legend of the Candy Nurse. What will they find?

ms para chasers the digger

The Digger Episode 5

Vicksburg is known for it’s urban legends. These paranormal investigators will attempt to find the truth about Vicksburg’s most haunting one of all…The Digger.

ms para chasers gates of hell 2

Gates of Hell P2 Episode 4

After extreme paranormal circumstances, the paranormal team tries to draw a conclusion to put an end or to prove the legends of the Gates of Hell once and for all in this part 2 episode.

ms para chasers gates of hell 1

Gates of Hell P1 Episode 3

The paranormal investigators find themselves at the footsteps of the Gates of Hell. What will they find in this part one episode?

ms para chasers queen of the gypsies

Queen of the Gypsies Episode 2

Will the paranormal investigators put an end to the legends surrounding the Queen of the Gypsies or will they prove them correct?


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Strike Fast Classic

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Gene on Travel Channel

Travel Channel

Gene Hamil, film director and paranormal investigator, appeared on Travel Channel.

ringmaster movie a


Learn why the original Ringmaster movie was never released via Twisted Carnival Studios in this detailed documentary.

ozbo movie


The Documentary of OzBo is about paranormal investigators hired to prove or disprove the legends of an evil clown.