Some Netflix Viewers Claim Horror Movie The Perfection Is Making Them Sick

Generally speaking, horror movies are supposed to make the viewer uncomfortable. In some cases, the discomfort comes from the themes and symbolism in the film while in others it’s the effects, often meant to simulate blood and gore. However, when it comes to Netflix‘s newest horror offering The Perfection, audiences are actually getting sick, claiming on social media that some of the visuals in the film are making them genuinely sick to their stomachs and worse.

In The Perfection, elite cellist Charlotte (Allison Williams) travels to Shanghai for a music competition, meeting up with her former teacher Anton (Steven Webber) as well as the up-and-coming cello prodigy, Lizzie (Logan Browning). After becoming fast friends, the pair head off on a trip into the Chinese countryside and that’s where things start to get gross. An ill Lizzie vomits up bugs and that’s on the mild side of what the characters experience over the course of the film. There are other elements as well, both in terms of plot and visuals and well, while audiences have been eager to check The Perfection out, many have come away feeling truly ill for what they’ve seen.

While there are plenty of viewers who used the term “sick” in a positive sense to describe the film has being good on Twitter, several others noted actual feelings of nausea, migraine, and some vomiting themselves after watching the film. One even went on to outline the plot-related horrors, declaring the real horror to be the film even being made.

Read on for our selection of reactions to The Perfection and, if you think you’re stomach’s strong enough, check it out for yourself. The film is now streaming on Netflix.

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