Aleena, at a young age, ran off to join the traveling carnival known as the Twisted Carnival lead by Norman Barley. She had a talent for predicting the future and became the carnival’s fortune teller.

As Aleena grew older she fell in love , married a man named Timithy Neiser, and had two twin boys. Her family traveled with her as she went from one town to the next performing her fortune telling skills. She continued her work within the carnival but found it difficult to balance her married life and work. She devised a plan to retire from fortune telling once her boys got older.

One dreary day Aleena asked her husband to feed a person who was locked up in a cage named Ozden Bonner (OzBo), a new main attraction at the Twisted Carnival. Her husband, with a very tired look on his face, took the boys with him. After awhile she went to go look for them since they had not come back and noticed that the cage door was open and her family was dead.

Aleena’s family’s death took a major toll on her. Not knowing what else to do or who to turn to she she stabbed herself in the chest with a strange dagger. As her body fell to the floor, a portal opened to Pandora, a dimension for the condemned. She fell into the portal where she was transformed into a hideous creature called SaDue.

Known by many in Pandora as the Witch of Anger, SaDue over through the leader Papa NaRue and became its new queen.

Deck of Misfortune

The Deck of Misfortune, created by two brothers Akain and Castanan in the 1600s, is a tarot card deck that was used to trap evil creatures and send them to the dimensional prison known as Pandora. Over time these creatures figured out a way to escape and use the deck’s powers for their own benefit.

It is believed that if a Pandorian creature gains all cards to the Deck of Misfortune, all of the other Pandorian creatures and their abilities will be absorbed into one. This one Pandorian creature would then be unstoppable.

Pandora's Box

Akain and Castanan, two brothers who were members of the Arch Knights of Salem, had a fierce battle with a VooDoo doctor named Papa Narue. The brothers used the Deck of Misfortune and sent Papa Narue to the dimension for the condemned known as Pandora. Papa Narue however, took Akain with him. The portal closed and Castanan thought he had lost his brother forever.

For years Castanan tried to figure out how to reopen the portal. After many failed attempts he finally gained success when he created Pandora’s Box, a bottle that could create a portal to Pandora. Fearful that it could end up in the wrong hands, he devised a locking system to keep the bottle from being opened.