Ringmaster: A Fallen Dream is a documentary on Twisted Carnival Studio’s last movie project titled Ringmaster, which was suppose to be the sequel to The Documentary of OzBo movie. It details the issues on set and why the project never became the horror movie it was meant to be. Unreleased footage of the original film is included. Most of the original footage and all of the notes were stolen that contained the complete list of everyone who helped and participated in the original film.

Ringmaster: A Fallen Dream does not mention four people that were associated with the original project. This was completely by accident and not intentional. These people were Jamie Childers, Major, and two other female actresses whose names are not known at this time. It also contained three other individuals who are not mentioned on purpose. These three were the main cause as to why the original movie was not completed before most of the footage was stolen.

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The Ringmaster story of the Twisted Carnival has been replaced with the Twisted Carnival series and no longer reflects the background of the Twisted Carnival characters.

Length: 1hr 33min
Contains: vulgar language, horror themes

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