Norman Barley, a small time circus ringmaster, was approached by a Pandorian creature named Akain. Akain talked him into forming the Twisted Carnival, a traveling freak show, that went around killing some of the customers while turning others into freaks for display.

One day while traveling through a small town Norman came across a severely deformed boy named Ozden Bonner. He talked the child’s father into giving the child to him. Norman immediately put the boy in a cage and made him the carnival’s main freak show attraction.

One dreary day Ozden was able to escape and went on a killing spree. Norman was asleep in his cabin when awoke with an axe in his chest. He tried to pull it out but was to weak from blood loss. As he begin to lose consciousness a portal to Pandora, a dimension for the condemned, opened and fell through.

While in Pandora, Norman was tortured, starved, and transformed into the Ringmaster.