Twisted Carnival


Due to Ozden Bonner’s grotesque appearance his father gave him to the owner of the Twisted Carnival Norman Barley. He was kept in a cage and shunned by most of the other carnies except for the original fortune teller of the carnival, Aleena. He became the carnival’s main freak show attraction.

After several years most towns started telling Norman to tone down Ozden’s appearance. Angered by this, Norman got drunk with several other carnies and they proceeded to beat up Ozden along with tattooing a clown face on him.

Seeing how Ozden had been treated, Aleena and her family fed him as much as they could. Aleena’s husband and children did not like him. One day her family went to feed him and started taunting him. They got to close to the cage and were killed. Ozden was able to get the keys from them and escape. He went to the clown tent first, killed them, and took their clothes. He then went to Norman’s cabin, killed him, and took his hat. After doing all that he ran out, killing everyone else except for Aleena.

Aleena went looking for her family when they did not come back from feeding Ozden. When she approached his cage she noticed the cage door opened and her family dead. She frantically started running to other carnival worker’s tents but noticed them dead as well. She ran to a nearby town, got the town’s people together, and hunted him down in the woods. As they were about to kill him, a man stepped forward and said that he was a doctor who could treat him. The doctor took him and placed him into the Mississippi Lunatic Insane Asylum.

While in the asylum Ozden ended up killing several staff members. They eventually placed him into confinement. While there he remembered seeing Aleena doing one of her rituals. He recreated it and a portal to Pandora opened. As he fell into the portal, the power from it caught the asylum on fire.

While in Pandora, Ozden was transformed into a hideous powerful creature called OzBo.