Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society helps people detect the supernatural – WJFW-TV

RHINELANDER – Kevin and Jennifer Malek’s Rhinelander house looks pretty typical from the outside, but what happens inside is anything but typical.

“Paranormal topics weren’t taboo growing up,” said Kevin. 

“Having encounters with spirits was completely normal,” said Jennifer.

The Maleks are paranormal investigators. Kevin began the non-profit Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society Ltd. ten years ago.

The NWPS, based in Rhinelander, is dedicated to helping people find the unusual or unexplained in their homes, businesses, or even in themselves.

“The majority of the stuff we do is either, ‘My house is haunted’ or ‘I’m haunted,’” said Kevin. 

They go to homes or businesses and test for any sort of paranormal activity.

We invited them to our station to show us their equipment and see if there is anything unusual happening in the Newswatch12 studio. 

The Maleks have equipment to test for different types of activity. They can look for changes in temperature, sounds picked up on audio recordings, or even child spirits with the help of a stuffed teddy bear. 

We also got to test out the SLS camera, which detects skeletal figures.

We can’t say for sure if there are any ghosts in our stations, but we did find some interesting figures with the SLS camera.

We didn’t get enough evidence to determine if there are spirits haunting Newswatch12. Kevin and Jennifer say we would need to do a full investigation in a controlled environment overnight. 

The Maleks have to be careful when investigating, so as not to disturb or upset anything paranormal. 

“Our number one rule is we must never make the situation worse in any way,” said Kevin. 

They enjoy looking for the unusual, the unexplained. But the intent of any investigation is always the same.

“Helping people is the number on goal,” said Kevin. “There’s a reason why we’re doing what we’re doing,” said Jennifer. 

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