Marvel’s Inhumans Was Supposed to Be Released Today and the Internet Hasn’t Forgotten


Once upon a time, Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios team thrilled fans with an exciting announcement. When it came to Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Inhumans would get its own movie, hitting theaters after the then-titled Avengers: Infinity War Part II, thus closing out that chapter of the story. However, things changed. That Avengers movie became Avengers: Endgame, some release dates were shuffled, and perhaps most notably, Inhumans became an ill-fated television series that disappeared after one dismal season. But fans haven’t forgotten what was supposed to be and today, the day Inhumans was supposed to make its triumphant debut in theaters, fans are taking to Twitter to mark the occasion.

For those who either aren’t familiar with the Inhumans live-action saga or have simply forgotten, the film was first announced in October 2014, though it had been in development as far back as 2011. At first the film was pushed to the July 2019 release date, placing it as an endcap for Phase 3 — an exciting position for the film to be in as it would have, in theory, set the tone for the future of the MCU — but things quickly started to go downhill. Writer Joe Robert Cole detached himself from the project, a move that left the film without a screenplay and then, by the time 2016 rolled around, Inhumans as a movie was removed from the official lineup altogether — but not without promises that discussions about the film would continue.

Then, things shifted again with Inhumans becoming not a feature film, but a television series instead. Marvel’s Inhumans soon made its way to ABC in 2017, but what was once an eagerly-anticipated movie fell dramatically short as a television series. Not only did the series fail to impress fans, critics panned the series as well. The series was cancelled after a single season and now, it’s unclear if Inhumans will get another shot at MCU glory leaving fans to wonder what might have been.

It’s in that spirit that fans have been marking to occasion on Twitter today, imagining a reality where fans would be flocking to theaters tonight to see Black Bolt, Medusa, and more grace the big screen and open up a whole new world for the MCU. Who knows, after all of the time travel adventures in Endgame, maybe in another reality it is.

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