Twisted Carnival


Alice, a rebellious teenager, ran away and joined a witch coven. While at the coven, she was shown a partial copy of one of the chapters of the Papa Narue book and was told to never perform the any of its spells. She ignored the warning, stole the copy, and performed the ritual. A portal to Pandora, a dimension for the condemned, opened and she fell through. Once there she witnessed horrifying things that drove her insane and transformed her appearance. Over the years creatures tried to escape Pandora by using the Deck of Misfortune, a mysterious tarot card deck that lay upon a rock. Every time a creature got near the cards Alice would devour them. She eventually became known by others as LoSho, Pandora’s gate keeper. On Earth the original fortune teller of the Twisted Carnival, Aleena, performed a ritual that would allow her to retire from the awful working conditions of the carnival but was interrupted when her family did not come back from feeding a person who was locked in a cage. Little did she know that she had actually opened a portal to Pandora allowing LoSho to escape. LoSho was eventually tracked by another Pandorian creature, called Akain, whom she struck a deal with. She went to work under Akain’s orders as Norman Barley’s assistant in the Twisted Carnival. She would kill people and bring their bodies to Akain so that he could feed off of them. This allowed Akain the ability to stay on Earth so that he would not have to return to Pandora himself. After some time she grew a liking for Norman and a jealous hatred towards Norman’s feelings for Aleena.

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