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Today Corsicana has a picturesque and flourishing historic downtown, but the once-booming young cotton town in northeast central Texas has had its fair share of tragedy. Stories of railroad workers, oil field roughnecks, brothels, speakeasies and saloons are part of the untold past of Corsicana. According to some, voices from that past refuse to quietly fade away.

With all its history, its no wonder ghosts from the past are said to linger on the streets of downtown. No small town is without its ghost stories, hopefully these restless souls can find peace one day.

The Corsicana Opry hosted its Ghost Walk just after dusk Friday, June 14, as the moon rose high in the sky.

Along with many outstanding musical performances and activities being hosted throughout the summer, the Corsicana Opry and Event Center also houses the Corsicana Ghost Walk. a monthly nighttime walk, as weather permits, through downtown Corsicana led by Tonya Hartline-King, president and CEO of Dallas Area Paranormal Society, and her husband, Alan King. The Kings specialize in communicating with spirits using specialized equipment, such as the ‘Ghost Box.’

Increasing paranormal activity at the Opry led Carolyn McCombs, owner of the Corsicana Opry, to contact paranormal investigators. It was then discovered that several establishments were also experiencing paranormal activity.

McCombs said she experiences phantom smells of tobacco smoke, and strong floral smells throughout the location. As well as footsteps, loud crashing and a tapping sensation on the tops of people’s heads have been felt.

Guests were lead down a narrow set of stairs into the basement of the Opry and given the opportunity to look around the dark and decrepit basement, which runs the length of the building.

After being shown photographs of so-called apparitions, guests were encouraged to take photos of their own, and try to catch a glimpse of some of the ghosts haunting the Corsicana Opry.

The group then formed a circle and conducted an inconclusive, but nonetheless exciting ‘Ghost Box’ session with Alan King, before moving on with the night. There were many different devices used to detect the presence of a spirit, although we didn’t go into a full blown investigation on the Ghost Walk, opportunities for in depth investigations are available.

The guided tour hit several prominent shops and attractions with some exciting history throughout downtown, which could explain the interesting paranormal activity. Several deaths were reported at locations along the tour and the spirits of the deceased are said to haunt these locations.

The Ghost Walk was very entertaining and educational to Corsicana natives and non-natives alike. Not only is it an opportunity to communicate with spirits, but also a unique chance to learn about the history of Corsicana.

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