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Ghost Legends
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A paranormal group tries to shed light on legends that surround famous people of the past.  Will they be able to prove or disprove the mysteries from a paranormal stand point? Find out on Ghost Legends.

Ghost Legends, directed by Gene Hamil and stars Dawn Duvurger, Corey Fast, Marcus McRae, and Gene Hamil. It is currently in development and scheduled for a late 2019 release.

Check out behind the scenes photos of episodes below.

The King of Delta Blues: Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson was the king of Delta Blues whom many believed obtained his talent from the Devil himself at the Crossroads in Mississippi. From statements given by the owner of Star Plantation of where it is believed Robert died to statements given by Robert’s grandson Steven Johnson at Robert Johnson Blues Foundation, Ghost Legends takes you on an exciting journey about the real Robert Johnson and the mystery of the three cemeteries that he is believed to be buried in. Will the paranormal team be able to locate his real burial site from a paranormal perspective? 

Special Guests: Steven Johnson, Luther W Wade III. Bill Thompson, Alex Thompson, Anthony Rice

Camera and Support: Tyler Davis, Reagan Bright

Special thanks to Robert Johnson Blues Foundation and Star of the West Plantation. Be sure to visit the following websites in support of this episode.

Robert Johnson Blues Foundation

Marie Laveau

Louisana’s most famous Creole practitioner of New Orlean’s style Voodoo was Marie Catherine Laveau, also known as Marie Laveau I. Her daughter, who many said looked exactly like her, was known as Marie Laveau II and assisted in her mother’s legends. Marie Laveau and her daughter’s name and history have been surrounded by lore and legend for over a hundred years. Is it possible to separate facts from fiction? Is she actually buried in cemetery 1? If she is able to communicate beyond the grave, what would she say?

Special Guests: Alex Thompson, Sam Bowling, and more

Camera and Support: Marcus McRae, Gene Hamil

Special thanks to Hands of Fate and Haunted History Tours. Be sure to visit the following websites in support of this episode.

Hands of Fate

Haunted History Tours

Bonnie & Clyde

Ghost Legends first episode will be about the real Bonnie and Clyde. Three paranormal teams, with special permission by Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum, perform one of the most thorough paranormal investigations of all time. Will Bonnie and Clyde communicate? If so will they answer the questions of remorse and pregnancy? Are the markers actually in the exact spot where they were ambushed? 

Special Guests: Bill Thompson, Alex Thompson, David Childers, Wayne Childers, Jamie Childers, Madison Childers, and Perry Carver

Camera and Support: Chris Hamil Jr, Reagan Bright

Special thanks to the Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum. Be sure to visit the following website in support of this episode.

Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum

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