Finding Dimes, Could It Be A Sign From A Deceased Loved One?

Finding Dimes, Could It Be A Sign From A Deceased Loved One?_5d4e2216bec25.jpeg
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Messages From Beyond, Or Just Coincidences?

Have you ever found a dime in a very odd place, I’m not talking about on your seat after you get up. I’m talking about somewhere odd that maybe you haven’t been around in awhile or something similar?

If you have you’re not alone….

Just recently I have been finding numerous dimes in some pretty interesting places. Just the other day after washing my bed sheets and pillow covers I found a couple of dimes.

Now most of you are probably like … AND? But the odd thing was that I had washed the sheets and left nothing on top of the bed. But when I came back there was a shiny brand new dime directly in the middle of the bed. I picked it up and put it on the counter and walked out of the room.

I entered my kitchen and directly in the center of the counter was …. another dime!

Coincidence or something more?

Well I’ve been having things like this happen over and over recently. I also get this odd feeling, not a bad one but a rather curious one. Usually when you find money that kind of feeling doesn’t pop up, but in these instances they have.

So what does it all mean?

Some will probably dismiss this as just mere coincidence or something random. But deep down there’s a feeling that it just isn’t something that’s happens and that there’s something more meaningful behind it.

How so?

Check out the videos we found by DELSEY KATHRYN  and ADA MAY BROWN  and let us know yoru thoughts!

Finding Dimes, A Message From Beyond