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Event Screamer was created by Gene Hamil in 2008 to provide all types of events with affordable market creation services for advertising purposes. During its run, over 16,700 photos were taken of events, bands, djs, and models. Thousands of event flyers and hours of videos were developed along with hundreds of websites designed.

To further the growth of the customer base, Event Screamer set out to design a division within itself that could offer the same services to any business. In 2013 Event Screamer acquired Site Screamer to perform such a task.

In 2014 Event Screamer expanded its production services into film. It’s first movie was called The Documentary of OzBo and was grouped under the brand Twisted Carnival.

In 2015 personal tragedy struck the founder of Event Screamer. Without being able to maintain services, the founder transitioned portions of Event Screamer off to Stone Dead Media. In 2018 Stone Dead Media had completed the acquisition of Event Screamer’s film content.

Wanting to put all of the pieces back together with a fresh start, the founder of Event Screamer re-grouped and formed Strike Fast Studio in 2019. With the new company, Strike Fast Studio acquired the rest of the properties of Event Screamer, Site Screamer, and Stone Dead Media in 2019.

Event Screamer and Site Screamer have been folded into our Strike Fast Media division. Stone Dead Media and Twisted Carnival have been folded into our main content portfolio. This allows us the ability to honor past events in the present as we prepare awesome content and services for the future.