Aleena, at a young age, ran off to join the traveling carnival known as the Twisted Carnival lead by Norman Barley. She had a talent for predicting the future and became the carnival’s fortune teller.

As Aleena grew older she fell in love , married a man named Timithy Neiser, and had two twin boys. Her family traveled with her as she went from one town to the next performing her fortune telling skills. She continued her work within the carnival but found it difficult to balance her married life and work. She devised a plan to retire from fortune telling once her boys got older.

One dreary day Aleena asked her husband to feed a person who was locked up in a cage named Ozden Bonner (OzBo), a new main attraction at the Twisted Carnival. Her husband, with a very tired look on his face, took the boys with him. After awhile she went to go look for them since they had not come back and noticed that the cage door was open and her family was dead.

Aleena’s family’s death took a major toll on her. Not knowing what else to do or who to turn to she she stabbed herself in the chest with a strange dagger. As her body fell to the floor, a portal opened to Pandora, a dimension for the condemned. She fell into the portal where she was transformed into a hideous creature called SaDue.

Known by many in Pandora as the Witch of Anger, SaDue over through the leader Papa NaRue and became its new queen.

Deck of Misfortune

The Deck of Misfortune, created by two brothers Akain and Castanan in the 1600s, is a tarot card deck that was used to trap evil creatures and send them to the dimensional prison known as Pandora. Over time these creatures figured out a way to escape and use the deck’s powers for their own benefit.

It is believed that if a Pandorian creature gains all cards to the Deck of Misfortune, all of the other Pandorian creatures and their abilities will be absorbed into one. This one Pandorian creature would then be unstoppable.

Pandora's Box

Akain and Castanan, two brothers who were members of the Arch Knights of Salem, had a fierce battle with a VooDoo doctor named Papa Narue. The brothers used the Deck of Misfortune and sent Papa Narue to the dimension for the condemned known as Pandora. Papa Narue however, took Akain with him. The portal closed and Castanan thought he had lost his brother forever.

For years Castanan tried to figure out how to reopen the portal. After many failed attempts he finally gained success when he created Pandora’s Box, a bottle that could create a portal to Pandora. Fearful that it could end up in the wrong hands, he devised a locking system to keep the bottle from being opened.


ring master

Norman Barley, a small time circus ringmaster, was approached by a Pandorian creature named Akain. Akain talked him into forming the Twisted Carnival, a traveling freak show, that went around killing some of the customers while turning others into freaks for display.

One day while traveling through a small town Norman came across a severely deformed boy named Ozden Bonner. He talked the child’s father into giving the child to him. Norman immediately put the boy in a cage and made him the carnival’s main freak show attraction.

One dreary day Ozden was able to escape and went on a killing spree. Norman was asleep in his cabin when awoke with an axe in his chest. He tried to pull it out but was to weak from blood loss. As he begin to lose consciousness a portal to Pandora, a dimension for the condemned, opened and fell through.

While in Pandora, Norman was tortured, starved, and transformed into the Ringmaster.


Papa Narue

papa narue

In the early 1600s Chamba Ibo escaped the depression of Mississippi and went to Louisiana. He joined Marie RaVal as a student to learn her ways of Louisiana style Voodoo and fell in love with her. He became the first Voodoo Doctor under her guidance. They married in Roshton Mississippi, a small town that was located near the Louisiana border, in 1625.

It is believed that Chamba and Marie never conceived a child. Legend has it that because of this Marie became very depressed and was not able to work which resulted in Chamba picking up as many odd jobs as he could.

Wanting to find a way to make his wife happy, Chamba performed an emotional rites ritual. The ritual was done incorrectly and caused him to become filled with greed for power. Little did he know that a portal was beginning to open inside of himself to Pandora, a dimension for the condemned. The more greed for power he obtained the bigger the portal became which would make him ill.

When Marie found out what Chamba had done she changed his name to Papa NaRue, meaning the powerful evil, and banished him from her presence. With tears from a broken heart she created a necklace known as the Marie RaVal necklace to track him at all times and keep him away from her.

Over time the portal opened up fully and Papa NaRue vanished to Pandora. While there he noticed creatures battling each other and a rock with a strange deck of tarot cards on top. He quickly became ruler, defeating any creature that stood in his path. He noticed that when creatures escaped Pandora, three tarot cards would leave the deck and attach themselves to the creature. He witnessed the cards giving the creature special abilities and power but at the same time making it a slave to the cards. He devised a plan to take the tarot cards’ power and return to Earth without becoming a slave to the deck. He figured that with the right ritual and himself being sacrificed he would be able to leave Pandora and take the power of the cards with him. He eventually put his plan into action and was able to escape Pandora without sacrificing himself.  Once he arrived back on Earth a member of the Arch Knights of Salem defeated him putting him back in Pandora.

Angered by this Papa NaRue performed the same ritual again and waited. He was killed by a new comer called SaDue. With his plan fully set into motion he awaits for the time of his rebirth on Earth. The day of reckoning will come when he will be reborn, feeding off of the living as well as the dead.

Book of Narue

The Book of NaRue was created by Papa NaRue as a storage medium for his spells. Legend has it that the book’s original cover was created from the skin of New Orleans Louisiana’s first witch coven as a peace offering to Papa NaRue’s tribe. Over time the coven learned that the peace offering was a trick and that they had become his slaves. To break the bond and restore order, the coven created an enchanted alligator skin cover in which they binded to the book. This allowed the bond to be broken. Angered by this, Papa NaRue killed the witches and trapped their souls within the book.

When Papa NaRue became trapped in Pandora, a dimension that he created due to his greed for power, the book stayed behind on earth. It fell into different witch coven possessions who tried their best to free the original coven that they believed was trapped within the pages.

Papa Narue's Hat

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Marie Raval Necklace

Wanting to find a way to make his wife happy, Chamba performed an emotional rites ritual. The ritual was done incorrectly and caused Chamba to become filled with greed for power.

Legend states that when Marie found out what Chamba had done she changed his name to Papa NaRue, meaning the powerful evil, and banished him from her presence. With tears from a broken heart she created a necklace known as the Marie RaVal necklace to track him at all times and keep him away from her.

The Marie RaVal necklace is believed to contain other abilities when it comes in contact with items that belonged to Papa NaRue.



Alice, a rebellious teenager, ran away and joined a witch coven. While at the coven, she was shown a partial copy of one of the chapters of the Papa Narue book and was told to never perform the any of its spells. She ignored the warning, stole the copy, and performed the ritual. A portal to Pandora, a dimension for the condemned, opened and she fell through. Once there she witnessed horrifying things that drove her insane and transformed her appearance.

Over the years creatures tried to escape Pandora by using the Deck of Misfortune, a mysterious tarot card deck that lay upon a rock. Every time a creature got near the cards Alice would devour them. She eventually became known by others as LoSho, Pandora’s gate keeper.

On Earth the original fortune teller of the Twisted Carnival, Aleena, performed a ritual that would allow her to retire from the awful working conditions of the carnival but was interrupted when her family did not come back from feeding a person who was locked in a cage. Little did she know that she had actually opened a portal to Pandora allowing LoSho to escape.

LoSho was eventually tracked by another Pandorian creature, called Akain, whom she struck a deal with. She went to work under Akain’s orders as Norman Barley’s assistant in the Twisted Carnival. She would kill people and bring their bodies to Akain so that he could feed off of them. This allowed Akain the ability to stay on Earth so that he would not have to return to Pandora himself. After some time she grew a liking for Norman and a jealous hatred towards Norman’s feelings for Aleena.




Akain, a knight of the Arch Knights of Salem, created the tarot card deck known as the Deck of Misfortune in the 1600s with his brother Castanan. It was designed to trap evil creatures and send them to a prison like dimension known as Pandora.
Akain, with the help of his brother Castanan, opened a portal to Pandora to trap a creature named Papa Narue. When Papa Narue fell into the portal Akain was brought down with him.

While in Pandora, Akain noticed that there was nothing but hideous creatures constantly battling each other and a rock where the Deck of Misfortune laid on top. He noticed that creatures that were able to withstand the power of the deck were able to escape the dimension. As time went by Akain was turned evil at the hands of Pandora’s environment. Papa NaRue, Pandora’s ruler, assigned Akain to be his second in-command.

Papa Narue ordered Akain to hunt a creature that escaped who went by the name LoSho. He took three of the cards from the Deck of Misfortune and gave them to Akain. He instructed him to report his progress. A portal opened to Earth and Akain walked through.

Upon reporting back to PaPa Narue, Akain found out that his king was defeated by a new comer named SaDue. He heard rumors that she wanted him dead. He located LoSho and formed an alliance with her in order for him to stay on Earth. Later he discovered Norman Barley’s Circus and formed a partnership with him which allowed LoSho to be Norman’s assistant. The new partnership was called the Twisted Carnival.

As Norman’s assistant, LoSho was able to fulfill her end of the bargain easier to Akain by delivering the bodies of those who recently died. This allowed Akain to feed off of them thus remain on Earth.

Akainian Orbuculum

The Akainian Orbuculum’s origins are a mystery. Its first known owner was Marie RaVal who called the object the Great Eye. It allowed her to see people’s past and future but not her own. When Papa NaRue, Marie RaVal’s husband, was banished by her he located the object and stole it from her for revenge. He absorbed the crystal ball’s power and enchanted it with a different set of abilities.

While in Pandora, a dimension for the condemned, Papa NaRue ordered Akain to hunt a creature that escaped who went by the name LoSho. Akain, Papa NaRue’s second in command, was told by Papa NaRue about the Akainian Orbuculum that would help him track the creature.

Akain located the Akainian Orbuculum and was able to see anyone he wanted in any dimension. The crystal ball also allowed him to raise the dead and control them.




Due to Ozden Bonner’s grotesque appearance his father gave him to the owner of the Twisted Carnival Norman Barley. He was kept in a cage and shunned by most of the other carnies except for the original fortune teller of the carnival, Aleena. He became the carnival’s main freak show attraction.

After several years most towns started telling Norman to tone down Ozden’s appearance. Angered by this, Norman got drunk with several other carnies and they proceeded to beat up Ozden along with tattooing a clown face on him.

Seeing how Ozden had been treated, Aleena and her family fed him as much as they could. Aleena’s husband and children did not like him. One day her family went to feed him and started taunting him. They got to close to the cage and were killed. Ozden was able to get the keys from them and escape. He went to the clown tent first, killed them, and took their clothes. He then went to Norman’s cabin, killed him, and took his hat. After doing all that he ran out, killing everyone else except for Aleena.

Aleena went looking for her family when they did not come back from feeding Ozden. When she approached his cage she noticed the cage door opened and her family dead. She frantically started running to other carnival worker’s tents but noticed them dead as well. She ran to a nearby town, got the town’s people together, and hunted him down in the woods. As they were about to kill him, a man stepped forward and said that he was a doctor who could treat him. The doctor took him and placed him into the Mississippi Lunatic Insane Asylum.

While in the asylum Ozden ended up killing several staff members. They eventually placed him into confinement. While there he remembered seeing Aleena doing one of her rituals. He recreated it and a portal to Pandora opened. As he fell into the portal, the power from it caught the asylum on fire.

While in Pandora, Ozden was transformed into a hideous powerful creature called OzBo.