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BWW Feature: MYTH: LEGENDS OF THE ARTISAN at Artisan Las VegasLas Vegas is filled with ghosts and spirits (not the kind you drink). Paranormal specialist William Draven, who is also a trained magician and illusionist, is ready to take the audience on a paranormal simulation in Myth: Legends of the Artisan at the Artisan Las Vegas.

The Artisan is a boutique hotel filled with art (on the walls and ceiling), retro décor, and fascinating history. Opened as a Travelodge motel in 1979, the property itself is just east of Interstate 15 with billions of souls passing by throughout the years.

During the show, hear real stories of hauntings and happenings of sin city and beyond, experience firsthand effects and witness what appears to be impossible. Take the imagination to somewhere between a dream and a nightmare.

The journey features classic parlor magic with a touch a supernatural and dash of spooky. If you love Halloween, ghost stories, and shows such as The Twilight Zone, this show combines masterful storytelling with an engaging stage presence to create the ultimate haunting evening experience.

“I research the paranormal and I an enthusiast of all things supernatural,” says Draven.

According to Draven, there are many paranormal stories in Southern Nevada, and he decided to develop a show encompassing magic and the paranormal. While following the footsteps of Houdini, Draven also emphasizes that while the stories are real, it is a paranormal simulation. He will use magic and sleight of hand in the context of bringing real stories to life for the audience to experience the paranormal and psychic phenomenon. The spirits will communicate with the audience audibly and visually. At the end of an entertaining show with a little education thrown in, the audience will walk out, asking what was an illusion and what was reality.

His interests began in early childhood, and, as he explains it, “the first nine years of my life, my parents kept telling me there was no such thing as a monster under my bed, there’s no ghost in your closet, and there is no spirit in the toilet so get out of our bed and go sleep in yours.”

However, then a monster entered his home when Draven was 10, and its name was cancer. His father had been diagnosed with cancer when Draven was seven years old. While doctors only gave his father about six months, he put up a four-year fight. However, after his passing, Draven remembers things going weird in his home.

“My mom would come from work, leave the keys on the kitchen counter, and start to make dinner. Then she would shout out my full name, and you know you are in trouble when mom uses your middle name. I would run to the kitchen, and my mom would demand to know where are the keys and what did I do with them. I really wouldn’t know, but since I was an only child, I would get in trouble for moving them. Later, we would find the keys on the table by my dad’s favorite chair.” They would hear his dad cough, doors would open and shut, and other events.

The topper was when both Draven and his mother heard a giant crash. Before his dad passed, he had built a shelving unit in the basement and it sounded like an enormous crash. When they ran downstairs, there was nothing out of place. When he asked her what happened, she explained it as his dad reaching out to them. His mind was then open to the possibilities, and now it is a big part of his life. This is what Draven wants to share with his audiences.

Draven has been entertaining audiences appearing on Masters of Illusion (CW), True Nightmares (ID), The Late Late Show with James Corden (CBS), Don’t Blink (POP Network), and America’s Next Weatherman (TBS). He’s headlined at the world-famous Magic Castle (Hollywood), Jeff McBride‘s Wonderground (Las Vegas) and the Queen Mary (Long Beach, California).

Myth: Legends of Artisan starring William Draven is performed every Tuesday with shows 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. Tickets include general admission with cocktail service and VIP dinner show. Guests must be 21 and over. To purchase tickets, click here.

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