Twisted Carnival


Akain, a knight of the Arch Knights of Salem, created the tarot card deck known as the Deck of Misfortune in the 1600s with his brother Castanan. It was designed to trap evil creatures and send them to a prison like dimension known as Pandora.
Akain, with the help of his brother Castanan, opened a portal to Pandora to trap a creature named Papa Narue. When Papa Narue fell into the portal Akain was brought down with him.

While in Pandora, Akain noticed that there was nothing but hideous creatures constantly battling each other and a rock where the Deck of Misfortune laid on top. He noticed that creatures that were able to withstand the power of the deck were able to escape the dimension. As time went by Akain was turned evil at the hands of Pandora’s environment. Papa NaRue, Pandora’s ruler, assigned Akain to be his second in-command.

Papa Narue ordered Akain to hunt a creature that escaped who went by the name LoSho. He took three of the cards from the Deck of Misfortune and gave them to Akain. He instructed him to report his progress. A portal opened to Earth and Akain walked through.

Upon reporting back to PaPa Narue, Akain found out that his king was defeated by a new comer named SaDue. He heard rumors that she wanted him dead. He located LoSho and formed an alliance with her in order for him to stay on Earth. Later he discovered Norman Barley’s Circus and formed a partnership with him which allowed LoSho to be Norman’s assistant. The new partnership was called the Twisted Carnival.

As Norman’s assistant, LoSho was able to fulfill her end of the bargain easier to Akain by delivering the bodies of those who recently died. This allowed Akain to feed off of them thus remain on Earth.

Akainian Orbuculum

The Akainian Orbuculum’s origins are a mystery. Its first known owner was Marie RaVal who called the object the Great Eye. It allowed her to see people’s past and future but not her own. When Papa NaRue, Marie RaVal’s husband, was banished by her he located the object and stole it from her for revenge. He absorbed the crystal ball’s power and enchanted it with a different set of abilities.

While in Pandora, a dimension for the condemned, Papa NaRue ordered Akain to hunt a creature that escaped who went by the name LoSho. Akain, Papa NaRue’s second in command, was told by Papa NaRue about the Akainian Orbuculum that would help him track the creature.

Akain located the Akainian Orbuculum and was able to see anyone he wanted in any dimension. The crystal ball also allowed him to raise the dead and control them.