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Grant Wilson in Ghost Hunters

US cablenet A&E has greenlit five paranormal-themed shows and specials, including a reboot of Ghost Hunters fronted by original host Grant Wilson.

The reboot will be joined by Psychic Kids, Celebrity Ghost Stories, Trey the Texas Medium (working title) and two-hour special World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt (w/t).

Ghost Hunters will return on August 21, produced by Lionsgate’s Pilgrim Media Group. It originally debuted on US television 15 years ago, running for 11 seasons.

The 20-episode reboot will follow Wilson and his handpicked group of professional ghost hunters as they use investigate apparent hauntings across the country.

Psychic Kids, produced by A+E Originals, will immediately follow Ghost Hunters on August 21 and will return to the children, now young adults, who were profiled in the series 10 years ago because of their supposed paranormal abilities.

Trey the Texas Medium (w/t) follows a successful businessman in Edna, Texas who creates custom caskets. The series, produced by Anthony E Zuiker in conjunction with All3Media America-owned Main Event Media, has been greenlit for 12 episodes and is set to premiere this fall.

World’s Biggest Ghost Hunt (w/t) will also air this fall and will see five paranormal investigators locked inside the Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania to document recent reports of paranormal activity. It is produced by Revelations Entertainment.

Celebrity Ghost Stories, meanwhile, follows paranormal storyteller and renowned psychic-medium Kim Russo of The Haunting Of fame. The series, produced by Jarrett Creative, has been greenlit for six episodes set to premiere this autumn.

A&E parent A+E Networks holds worldwide distribution rights to all five shows.

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