10 things nobody tells you before you become a ghost hunter – Telegraph.co.uk

7. There’s a bit rough and tumble

In 95 per cent of cases nothing physical is going to happen, but I’ve been struck in the back, been pulled off a table backwards… It can affect you physically in other ways, too. Every time I go to Bodmin Jail, a famously haunted place, I get physically sick. One time I collapsed and couldn’t get out of my car. It could be something to do with naturally occurring electromagnetic energy or ley lines. Who knows?

8. Your mind will be very occasionally blown

Recently we were at the the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, one of the oldest buildings in England. There was sudden crash at the door and something unseen came into room, ran past us and shook my colleague out of her chair. It was like a tornado had passed through the room. That sort of thing’s not a regular occurrence though. If we do 100 investigations a year, we’ll experience something in maybe a dozen.