01 Ghost Legends: Bonnie and Clyde

Ghost Legends

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Three paranormal teams, with special permission by Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum, perform one of the most thorough paranormal investigations of all time. Will Bonnie and Clyde communicate? If so will they answer the questions of remorse and pregnancy? Are the markers actually in the exact spot where they were ambushed? 

Louisana’s most famous Creole practitioner of New Orlean’s style Voodoo was Marie Catherine Laveau, also known as Marie Laveau I. Her daughter, who many said looked exactly like her, was known as Marie Laveau II and assisted in her mother’s legends. Marie Laveau and her daughter’s name and history have been surrounded by lore and legend for over a hundred years. Is it possible to separate facts from fiction? Is she actually buried in cemetery 1? If she is able to communicate beyond the grave, what would she say?

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Special Thank You

We would like to say thank you to the following people: Dawn DuVurger, Bill Thompson, Alex Thompson, David Childers, Wayne Childers, Jamie Childers, Perry Carver, Chris Hamil Jr, Reagan Bright, Marcus McRae, Corey Fast, Sam Bowling, Steven Johnson, Luther W Wade III, Anthony Rice, Skylar Baxter, and Tylar Davis.